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"I also sampled everything in the medecine cabinet for comparison, but I think this is the QML"

written on Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I came back from Ubuntu Developer Summit, completely exhausted as usual. A tradition in UDS is that during the midday plenary sessions on Friday, people can do 5 minutes lightning talks. On Thrusday I was asked to do a lightning talk on QML. Since I only started playing with QML three days ago, it sounded like an interesting challenge!

I sat down in front of my laptop on Thursday evening to put together two short QML demos, trying to show off QML was made of awesome and fully bling-compliant. The talk was a bit rocky (if you have never seen a laptop suspending due to an empty battery during a 5 minute talk, you missed something!) but I somehow managed to demonstrate everything I planned to show. In the end I think the talk was well received despite that technical oups.

Since I discovered qmlviewer is able to record while playing, I made videos of the demos:

Original for first demo (400 x 330)

Original for second demo (1024 x 330)

You can also run the demos on your machine. Get the source code with bzr clone lp:~agateau/+junk/uds-qml-demo and bzr clone lp:~agateau/+junk/uds-qml-demo2 and start them with qmlviewer uds-qml-demo.qml. No need to compile anything, it's only qml and javascript!

Keep in mind I am still new to this declarative way of thinking and the code is a one evening hack, so it may not be the best way to learn about this new technology.

PS: In case you are wondering what the title of this post means, here is a hint :).

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