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May 2022 monthly update

written on Tuesday, June 7, 2022


Last month I said I wanted to release Pixel Wheels 0.23.0, or at least make it "ready to release". The release did not happen, partly because May has been very hard for me on a personal level. Still, Pixel Wheels received some care and is mostly "ready to release".


Vehicle selector improvements

I reworked the vehicle selector, giving it a lighter background to make the vehicles stand out more. This is a backport of part of the "big tires" work I started some time ago but which is shelved for now.

Improved vehicle selector

Championship icons

This work started as a way to fix #223, which asked for the name of the championship to appear on the "Championship finished" screen.

I couldn't find a nice way to fit the name on the screen, and I wanted to created dedicated championship icons anyway, so I decided to draw these icons and use them on the screen. I am happy with the final result:

Championship selector

Championship finished

README update

Thanks to Nickoriginal, the README received some needed improvements, more precise links and updating outdated information.

What's next

0.23.0 should be released in June: string freeze is in effect, so I am waiting for translators to catch up with latest changes. Two bugs remain open for the 0.23.0 milestone:

I am going to fix #225, but I am probably going to postpone #186: it's not super critical, and has potential to eat quite some time...

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