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Windows, svn+ssh and the Subversion command line client

written on Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This morning, I needed to access an svn+ssh Subversion repository from a Windows box. Since I am a command line aficionado, I decided to do it using the Subversion command line client. It turned out to be quite more complicated than I thought... So here is how I did it :

Download plink.exe and puttygen.exe from Putty website.

Next step is to generate an SSH key and place it on your server.

plink -i c:pathtoyourkey.ppk user@server

If everything goes well, you should get logged in without getting asked for your password. Now you need to configure Subversion to use plink for "svn+ssh" uri.

ssh=c:/path/to/plink.exe -i c:/path/to/your/key.ppk

You are done, it should work now. Let's give a try:

svn co svn+ssh://user@server/path/to/svn/repository

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