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June 2011 wrap-up

written on Thursday, July 7, 2011

8th of July, high time for June wrap up...

I was away for a little less than two weeks in June, as I attended the Qt Contributor Summit (see report) and a Canonical Sprint.


Most of my time this month was spent on Gwenview, polishing it to be ready for the KDE SC 4.7 release. Here is the list of changes I made:

"Common UI mistakes in KDE applications" series

I didn't write any new article for my series on common UI mistakes in KDE applications but I created a page to link them all.

I would like to add links to the page from the articles themselves but I need advice on the best way to do this without causing Planet KDE and Planet Ubuntu to repost them. Any idea?

Desktop Summit

I registered for the Desktop Summit, and will hopefully be holding a workshop there, more on this later.


Finally I did some work on Skanlite, which I use quite a lot to scan my receipts.

I have other ideas for Skanlite. Time will tell if I get some of them done in July (and if Kåre, Skanlite maintainer, accepts them of course)

As usual, if you want to, you are welcome to support me.

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