Aurélien Gâteau


QSR stands for Qt Search and Replace.

This tool makes it possible to perform search or search-and-replace operations on all files or a subset of files of a directory.


Most interesting features

Files can be selected with one or more wildcards. For example, enter *.h *.cpp to look for C++ source files.

Search pattern may be either plain-text or a Python regular expression and may be case-sensitive or not.

Replacement expression can use Python placeholders to reuse parts of the search pattern. For example if the search pattern is int (foo|bar|baz);, and replacement expression is long \1; then int foo; will be replaced with long foo;.

Interactive editing: after a search, it is possible to click on a search result to edit the text at the matching line from within the application. Double clicking the result opens the file at the matching line with an external editor.

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