Aurélien Gâteau

Home server (and email) troubles

written on Sunday, May 11, 2008

I have been a happy user of a Lex Neo fanless server for a few years until two weeks ago, when it froze. It produced a continuous beep when I tried to reboot it, symptom of memory problems. It accepted to boot on an old 64Mbyte stick, but would not start on anything bigger :(. I left it running in this state until today, when it definitely stopped...

This tiny machine has been serving various duties at home, ranging from git server, backup relay to the (excellent) service, file server, address book, note taker... and mail server, thanks to a combination of getmail, dovecot and spamassassin. This is where the story might affect you: Some of my email is trapped in the server for now, so you will have to wait even longer than usual for an answer from me.

I ordered a replacement one which should be there in the next week. Hopefully transition will be smooth and everything will be up and running quickly. Meanwhile I can answer new mail, so if you need a quicker answer, please send your mail again.

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