Aurélien Gâteau


About me

My name is Aurélien Gâteau, I am a French software engineer currently living in a small village near Paris with my wife and children.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a cartoonist. That was before I stumbled on this strange plastic thing they call a computer. I met my first one when I was 9 year old. It was an Amstrad CPC464 and it changed my life. From this day on, I knew I would be a developer. I never stopped writing code since then. I started with game development, then switched to work on applications when I graduated.

I still enjoy drawing, even if I lack the time to create real compositions nowadays. I guess the combination of these two passions is what got me interested in user experience, design and imaging.

When I am not writing code for $JOB, I tend to relax by... writing more code! I create open-source games, apps and tools.


You can contact me via email. I am also on Mastodon, GitHub and LinkedIn.

On week days you can find me on Libera Chat IRC server, my nickname is agateau.

About this site

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