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KDE Release party at Toulouse

written on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

KDE Release party at Toulouse was great! It was a pleasure to meet again with David Faure, Laurent Montel and Anne-Marie Mahfouf as well as meeting Kévin Ottens and Alexis Ménard for the first time. Kudos to Kévin and Alexis for the organisation of the event, and much thanks to Alexis for hosting Laurent and me for the night.

On friday evening, a nice, professional, presentation of KDE 4.0 were given by Kévin before everybody raided the buffet :-). The day after we held technical presentations on various aspects of Qt and KDE programming. I gave a presentation on Qt stylesheets, which went well. I am quite happy about it, especially since I prepared it using an extreme-just-in-time-almost-too-late presentation creation method, as can be seen on this picture (yes, I am the one with the laptop...)

Tomorrow, I am on the KDE stand at Solutions Linux 2008, an annual french exhibition held in Paris. It seems I am currently in public relation mode :-).

I am getting ready for the FAQ, which I guess will be:

  1. What's new in KDE4?
  2. Why did you release it if it's not finished?
If you want to suggest interesting answers to these questions (especially #1), please do so in the comments.

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