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KIPI Code Sprint, day 1

written on Saturday, November 1, 2008

So today (actually, yesterday) was the first day of the KIPI Code Sprint meeting, which takes place in the nice town of Genoa, in Italy.

Attendees are:

  • Andrea Diamantini
  • Angelo Naselli
  • Colin Guthrie
  • Gilles Caulier
  • Kare Sars
  • Marcel Wiesweg
  • Stefano Canepa
  • Valerio Fuoglio
  • Vardhman Jain
  • and me
After circling around Genoa airport for 30 minuts, my plane finally managed to land. Stefano picked me up. We then went to pick up Vardhman and Marcel at the train station.

Circling in the plane was not fun, but I consider myself lucky:

  • Kare and Colin arrived yesterday, except their flight were deported to Milan: the airport was closed because the sea brought fish on the track!
  • Gilles had to go through a 3h hour delay thanks to french railways.
Shortly after arriving, we started to setup an Icecream network to get faster compilation. It's usually quite easy, but this time network decided to get in the way. Icecream actually makes for quite a good network tester! We wouldn't have got it running without Stefano who got out to buy us new switchs and ethernet cables. Thanks Stefano!

After that I did quite some work on the HTML Export plugin, mainly finishing the KDE4 port and polishing the user interface. I also helped Valerio dealing with the non-openGL effects of the SlideShow plugin.

Others have been busy too: the Print wizard, Gallery and Picasa exports received some love, as well as Digikam Windows port. Speaking of Windows, libksane will probably soon get support for TWAIN compatible scanners. There is also some ongoing work and discussion on using Akonadi as a backend for image collections.

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