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KIPI Code Sprint, day 3

written on Monday, November 3, 2008

First of all, a little addition to day 2: I forgot to mention we were joined by another member of the local association hosting us: Claudio. He conducted an interview of all of us during diner. This interview will be broadcasted on a local radio where they have a weekly slot to talk about Linux and free software, nice!

Most of us were getting ready to go back home today: some left before lunch, others in the middle of the afternoon, others were leaving only on Monday. I left in the middle of the afternoon, so I didn't get much done with regards to either KIPI plugins or Gwenview. Instead I helped others going on with their plugins, sharing bits of the Qt and kdelibs wisdom I accumulated other the years :).

After leaving the hacking room, Angelo drove me back to the airport. In addition to Italian pasta Angelo gave to me, I stopped at the duty-free shop and got out with other Italian specialities including Novi chocolate, Genoa cakes, some other salted stuff and a nice Italian-designed wood-made construction toy for Clara.

This was an awesome meeting, it was really great to meet with other KIPI hackers. Meeting Gilles Caulier in particular was nice, as we were able to talk about the positioning of Gwenview and Digikam and how Gwenview is not trying to go after Digikam. I think we both agree they are different applications, targeting different users. Of course, since they deal with similar documents there will always be some overlap in both application feature sets.

As a conclusion, I would like to thank again Angelo, Stefano, Valerio and Claudio for organizing such a great event. You all sure are granted with free hosting whenever you come to Paris!

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