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written on Sunday, September 21, 2008

In case you have been wondering why I was a bit silent these last weeks, it's because we moved to a new house. Leaving Maisons-Alfort for a nice village named La Chapelle Rablais. It's an important change in our life: going from a flat to a "real" house with a big garden!

Clara is delighted to have enough space to run, jump, or do whatever please her. I, for one, discover new activities, like lawn mowing or picking up dead leaves...

Of course, my daily commute is quite longer: going from two times half an hour to two times one hour and a half. It is not that bad however: my employer has agreed to let me spend my last hour of work in the train, so I wake up earlier but come home at approximately the same time as before. And I usually spend the morning trip working on Gwenview, which is a good news for most of you :).

I was left without an internet connection for a while, but it's back now, even if the status page of my ISP tells me it will be enabled in 20 days!

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