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Advice on Linux friendly usb soundcard

written on Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am preparing for an upcoming party, where I will be in charge of the music. I managed to borrow a amplifier and a set of loudspeakers, and decided I would mix the music with my laptop. While I would not call me a DJ, I played with DJ mixers in the past for other parties, so I am familiar with the process.

I plan to use Mixxx to play music, but I need to buy the latest missing piece: an usb soundcard. It will be used to output the sound to the amplifier, while my headphones will be plugged to the internal soundcard for preview purposes. This means I do not need fancy 5:1 output, just a reliable, Linux friendly, usb soundcard.

Dear lazyweb, can you recommend models which would suit my needs?

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