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written on Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's been a long time since I last posted news about Gwenview development. I am going to resume posting about latest changes. Let's begin with history.

In Gwenview 2.2, history was a list which appeared on the right of the start page:

Start page for Gwenview 2.2

As you can see this could result in a lot of information crammed into the page. For Gwenview 2.3, I decided to introduce tabs on the start page, keeping places and tags in the first tab, and moving history to a separate tab:

"Places" tab of Gwenview 2.3 start page "History" tab of Gwenview 2.3 start page

As you can see, history also gained a new feature: the "url bag" (suggestions for a better name are welcome). Whenever Gwenview is started with a web url as a parameter, it keeps this url in the url bag. This is quite handy when used together with a chat program: let's say your contact sends you an url of a photo, screenshot, mock-up, whatever. Once you click on it, Gwenview is started to show you this image. If later you want to get back to it, you can easily find the image address in the url bag. It's much faster than browsing the history of your chat program. Admittedly, it's a quite geeky feature, hopefully it won't disturb beginners as it's not prominently visible.

You may also have noticed privacy has been taken into account: the history tab screenshot shows you can now right click on an history entry to remove it, or wipe the history clean. I will probably add configuration options to permanently disable history, as this seems to be a concern for some users.

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