Aurélien Gâteau

Announcing Gwenview Forum

written on Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gwenview has had a mailing-list for a very long time now, but time changes. Nowadays I believe forums are more appropriate for end-users discussions than mailing-lists for a few reasons:

  • Forum do not require setting up individual passwords for every topic you are interested in.
  • It is easier to join an existing conversation on a forum you just discovered than on a mailing list you have not subscribed yet.
  • It is easier for non-technical users to read and join a forum.

Therefore I asked for a Gwenview forum to be created on You can find it (too bad forums do not get nicer urls :/). Come and ask your questions here!

I plan to phase out the mailing-list. I haven't yet decided of a day when it will be turned off but it's probably going to happen in a month or two. After that the only remaining bit of SourceForge infrastructure used for Gwenview will be the (outdated) website, maybe I'll get around to create a site for Gwenview under domain...

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