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written on Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I have been a bit quiet lately, but haven't been slacking :) Among other things, I started working on implementing one of the oldest most-wanted feature of Gwenview: crossfade transitions between images. I have pushed the code to Gwenview git repository. It still lives in topic branches for now though.

I first worked with an evolution of the QWidget-based code. This is quite stable but it is too slow at HD (1920x1080) resolution. You can find this work in the "agateau/xfade" branch.

I thus decided to bite the bullet and start a massive refactor of the code, rebasing it on QGraphicsView with an OpenGL viewport. This is the much-faster-but-currently-full-of-regressions "agateau/xfade-qgv" branch.

This change makes Gwenview much smoother to use when going through images but it also helps quite a bit in comparison mode: images move around when selected and unselected, making it easier to track where they go.

I recorded a short video to demonstrate the current state of the xfade-qgv branch. It demonstrates both going through images and image comparison. In this video Gwenview runs on a HD monitor. Note that I had to record it with a digital camera, desktop recorders did not produce a smooth animation, so the video quality is not exactly optimal.

(Watch on

I hope I can bring the xfade-qgv branch back to feature-parity with master so that it can be merged in before Soft Feature Freeze (October 27th!).

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