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December 2010 wrap-up

written on Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy new year! A new year means a new month, which means it is time for a wrap-up of what I did in December and what I plan for January.

Done in December


  • Made Ctrl+wheel and Ctrl+left/right click zoom feature work with svg files.
  • Fixed bug 238742: mouse-wheel-browse behavior now works on all types of views (raster, video, svg, broken).
  • Fixed bug 259250 which prevented users from browsing the current folder if they started Gwenview with an svg file.


Started a series of posts named "Common User Interface mistakes in KDE applications" (part 1 and part 2)

Other KDE work

  • Worked on KOrganizer and Akregator user interface
  • Fixed bug 258044: a nasty layout issue in the battery Plasma applet
  • I originally planned to fix the blurriness of the piechart progress indicator in the network-management Plasma applet but did not succeed. I worked around the bug by turning it into a Plasma-themed mini progress bar, which Sebas approved:

Not KDE-related

Together with Oleksandr Motsak, we took over maintenance of msrp, a nice search-and-replace command-line tool. I blogged about this tool some time ago.

Kudos to Oleksandr who did most of the work here. You can get msrp 0.9.5 from its new home:

What to expect for January

I am going to continue my series on "Common User Interface mistakes in KDE applications", I have at least one new post in mind.

On Gwenview front, I want to work on the importer a bit. I had a nice discussion with a friend about making it a bit smarter so that it finds its way in standard camera memory card hierarchies. This should avoid having to browse through folders with techy names like "DCIM" . The importer already handles the simplest hierarchy but I want to go a bit further.

There is also some internal refactoring I want to do to simplify the organization of the document view a bit. This is not going to be visible (unless I mess up...) but should lay the foundations for interesting changes like (at last!) transitions in fullscreen mode. Don't expect such visible changes to be ready by the end of January though.

Finally, I had some idea a few months ago of an helper class to simplify the painful task of aligning widgets across groups. We will see if I find time to work on this one.

If you like what happened in December or are interested in what is planned for January, consider supporting my work.

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