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January 2011 wrap-up

written on Monday, February 7, 2011

This month was not as productive as I expected. I spent one week at the Platform Rally for Ubuntu Natty, and the next one taking care of ill daughter, son and wife... Looks like everyone waited for me to come back before getting sick :) I got through the illness week relatively unaffected, which is quite unusual.

Done in January


  • Posted part 3 of my Common user interface mistakes in KDE applications series.
  • Published the first version of ColumnResizer, a Qt class to help keeping columns of widgets aligned across layouts in dialogs.
    I am quite happy to see some people have started using it. Please notify me if you use it, I want to polish the API before either proposing the class for kdelibs or trying to write a patch for Qt layouts to provide similar functionality.

Some minor UI touches

  • Use an Oxygen version of the "Open Share Icon" for the "Share" button
  • Fixed ugliness of Gwenview start page when running on GNOME
  • Hidden icon of the seek slider in Gwenview video player
  • Reworked one of the dialog of the Kubuntu Notification Helper (Here is a before/after)

What to expect for February

I didn't find the time to work on Gwenview importer in January, so I am putting this task back for this month. I also plan another post for my Common user interface mistakes in KDE applications series.

February is going to be short, and we are already the 7th, so I am not going to plan anything else, time will tell if I get more done...

If you like what happened in January or are interested in what is planned for February, consider supporting my work.

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