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Of pastry and Blogilo...

written on Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My wife enjoys cooking and recently got into creating decorated cakes. I suggested she starts a blog to show her creations instead of only sharing them on Facebook.

She had some prior experience with Wordpress, but found the web-based editor painful to use: our Internet connection is not very fast so uploading images with the web-based editor is a pain. It would have been especially annoying to populate the blog with her existing pictures. So I looked around and gave Blogilo a try.
Blogilo is quite nice, but I found out it felt a bit cramped on her 1024x600 netbook, so I decided to look into it, see if I could make it more usable on a small screen. After a few commits, I find it a bit nicer. Mandatory before/after picture:
Not mentioned on this picture are the following changes:
  • The first row of tabs is hidden when only one entry is edited. This saves a bit of vertical space.
  • Icons and tooltips of some buttons in the toolbox have been adjusted to be more consistent with the rest of KDE.
  • Toolbox visibility is now correctly remembered at startup. Hiding the toolbox of course saves a lot of horizontal space.
  • Size of editor toolbar icons is no longer hard-coded to 22x22.
With those changes implemented we were able to populate her blog quickly. There is still room for improvements though, in particular I would like to have support for thumbnails. Being forced to use full-sized images is a pain.
Oh... and if you are into pastry, be sure to check!

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