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Akademy 2012

written on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I was in the beautiful town of Tallinn last week, attending Akademy 2012. It was great to hang out again with other KDE developers around a laptop or a drink.


We had an awesome Karaoké night which started slowly but got a lot more fun when MC Aaron grabbed the microphone and convinced us to sing... Sébastien Renard and I even thought we could sing "Born in the USA". our interpretation was later described to us as "courageous" :). There are pictures of us in action, hopefully no video of this performance is online...

On a more serious note, I noticed a recurring topic during this Akademy: Bugzilla. Jeroen van Meeuwen delivered a great presentation explaining the way Kolab Systems AG uses Bugzilla and how KDE could benefit by doing the same, we also had further discussions on how to take advantage of milestones, setting appropriate bug statuses, or integrating with our wikis. All those discussions got me motivated to improve my Bugzilla skills. In particular I'd like to try using milestones for the next releases of Gwenview... we'll see how it goes.

My BoF session about going the Extra Mile went well. It felt great to see many contributors willing to give a hand there. I plan to write another blog post to get things started once I am done with a few preliminary tasks.

Another very interesting session for me was the color management one. I think I am finally starting to understand what this is all about. After the session I spent part of the afternoon with Boudewijn Rempt of Krita fame, working on adding color management support to Gwenview. It is not done yet, but I am confident it should be ready for KDE SC 4.10.

Finally, after a busy week, my wife joined me on Saturday and we went for some sightseeing over the week-end.

2012-07-07_16-43-11 Russian dolls and jewelry 2012-07-08_13-33-19 Invulnerability! 2012-07-08_17-47-24 2012-07-09_12-13-08 2012-07-09_12-26-11

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