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Burger Party 0.6

written on Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time for a new release of Burger Party!

Many invisible adjustments in this new one, the most visible change is the work on world 1, with a new background and a new end-of-world boss: the wrestler (see previous article).


Some work has also be done on the world selection screen, with a cleaner separation between world and sandbox buttons, as well as star counts.

World Selector

Here is a more complete list of changes:

  • When customers order a large burger, they now wait longer before getting angry
  • The animation announcing a new items is not played again when retrying the level
  • Fries and soda are now available from the beginning
  • The "meal done" sound has been changed
  • Texts are now more readable, thanks to a thin border around the letters
  • US world:
    • Boss for last level is now a wrestler
    • New city-like background
  • A few changes on the screen to select world or sandbox mode:
    • Number of unlocked stars and total stars are now shown on world buttons
    • One can no longer select worlds until they have been unlocked
    • A thin separator has been added between the world buttons and the sandbox button
  • Sandbox mode:
    • Just like in the world screen, one can no longer select worlds until they have been unlocked
    • The "done" button now uses the "meal done" sound

Get it from the usual place!

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