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Burger Party 0.7

written on Monday, December 9, 2013

Here comes a new version of Burger Party! This new version comes with a few significant changes.

First, Burger Party now has a new world: Japan. You might remember I wrote earlier about drawing its background, it is finally in. This new world is far from finished, though: it is missing customers, a boss, a "unlocked item" image and some more world-specific ingredients, but then version number is only 0.7, so I think it's OK...

Japan World, showing customers waiting in line and new rice toast

The second change is something I have been willing to implement for a long time: world-specific ingredients. Some ingredients can now have world-specific versions. For example the coconut juice is the Pirate-world version of the soda, the rice-toast is the Japan-world version of the toast.

The third significant change is the way customers appear. In previous versions, waiting customers were all staying next to each others, which was a) not very realistic b) prevented you from knowing how many customers you still had to serve to complete the level. In version 0.7, customers are now waiting in line, solving both problems.

Finally, I received a new version of the music from my musician brother, the melody in 0.6 was nice but very short, this new version is a much longer piece, which I am sure you are going to enjoy!

As usual, a few minor changes have made it in as well:

  • A new burger item has been added: fish
  • The difficulty in the levels is a bit more progressive. Still some work to do, though
  • When the game is restarted, it now correctly unlocks the level after the last completed one (Thanks to Mathieu for reporting this bug)
  • The gradients which appear in the customer bubble when the order is too tall has been fixed to always stretch to fill the bubble width

Get it from the usual place!

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