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KDE Dinner in Paris

written on Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nowadays, most of the KDE events happening in France are organized in Toulouse, thanks to the awesome work done by the KDE people from the Toulibre association.

Not much has happened in Paris, which I find a bit sad. In an effort to get KDE users and contributors in Paris to get to know each others I thought about organizing KDE Dinners in Paris on an hopefully regular basis.

Our first dinner is expected to happen this month and will also be the occasion to celebrate the release of KDE SC 4.10.

KDE in Paris

I don't want to commit to something too constraining for now. I would be happy if we get a small dozen people to meet every three months. This frequency means one dinner out of two will also double as a small KDE SC release party.

We are still bootstrapping this idea so it needs a bit of promotion, hence this short article. If you are around Paris at the end of the month and want to spend a nice evening with friendly KDE users and contributors, you are welcome to join us!

I set up a Doodle to organize this event, with many possible dates. You can use this link to subscribe:

Paris pictures from Julien Chodlewski, drs1ump, Mystic Pics and Yann Caradec

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