Aurélien Gâteau

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written on Sunday, November 2, 2014

14 years ago, I started creating an image viewer. Back then it felt like a good project to get started with graphical application development for my newly installed Linux system. Little did I know... In 14 years Gwenview went through one toolkit change (GTK+1.2 to Qt2/KDE2), got ported to Qt3/KDE3, moved from SourceForge CVS to KDE Extragear, got ported to Qt4/KDE4, became the default image viewer of KDE4 and finally got ported to Qt5/KF5.

Unfortunately, I haven't been active on Gwenview lately. In fact the KF5 port was done by the ever awesome David Edmundson (thanks again David!). I just don't feel the urge to work on it anymore. This means it is time for me to step down and find someone else to take care of Gwenview. I am happy to announce Gwenview has a new maintainer in the person of Lukáš Tinkl, who has generously agreed to take over Gwenview. I am confident Lukáš will do a great work at keeping it fast and easy to use.

You may be aware I spend most of my free time these days on some other project. I am not completely out of Qt and KDE development however: I have a number of small side projects, many of them Qt-based, to which I want to give a bit more visibility. Stay tuned for more announcements.

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