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Gwenview Importer is back

written on Thursday, November 24, 2016

I spent some time over the last weeks to port Gwenview Importer to KDE Frameworks 5, as I was getting frustrated with importing pictures by hand. It's a straight port: no new features.

Here is a screenshot after I filled my SD Card with random pictures of my daughter and cat for the purpose of illustrating this blog post :)

Gwenview Importer

I missed the KDE Applications 16.12 deadline, but the code is in Gwenview master now, so Gwenview Importer should be in the next KDE Applications release.

Update, 2017-05-14:

Looks like I messed up while porting, see bug 379615. Users of 17.04.0 and 17.04.1 should refrain from using the importer. Thanks to Henrik (don't know your last name, sorry), the bug has been fixed in 17.04.2.

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