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Release month, Pixel Wheels 0.11.0

written on Sunday, December 16, 2018

Here is another release for the release month! This time it's a new release of Pixel Wheels. This one has been a long time coming: version 0.10.0 got released in September.

So, what's new in this release? These changes:

  • Pixel Wheels now remembers the best lap and best total time for each track and shows you a congratulation message when you reach the top 3 in either categories (This one is for you, Benjamin!)

  • Sounds have been added to the start up countdown.

  • The faster the vehicle is driving the more zoomed out the view is, giving you more time to anticipate the track.

  • The game now shows a blocking message if there aren't enough gamepads to start a game, or if a gamepad is disconnected while playing.

  • The focus indicator in the game menu has been reimplemented: now each menu item has its own, fading, focus indicator. This fixes the focus indicator glitches when a screen appeared or when switching between tabs in the configuration screen.

  • The screens to select vehicles, tracks and championships now show the name of the selected element. Furthermore, the track selection screen shows the track records.

  • Fixed glitches when changing tabs in the configuration screen.

  • Added secret key shortcut to save a screenshot ('S' for now).

  • Switched desktop version to LWJGL3.

  • Updated libgdx to 1.9.8.

  • Make Google Play happy: bump targetSdkVersion to 26.

Beat the best lap on Let it Snow!

The addition of the best lap and total time records for each track took longer than I expected, but I am happy with the end results: I think it improves the game replay value.

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