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Release month, qpropgen 0.1.1

written on Sunday, December 9, 2018

Continuing on this release month idea started last week, here is a release of another project. Today is the first release of qpropgen, a tool to generate QML-friendly QObject-based C++ classes from class definition files.

I started this project because I did not want to manually define the dozen of properties required to represent a sound in SFXR-Qt, which itself got started because I wanted a sound effect generator for Pixel Wheels. Yes, that's a bit of Yak shaving :)

It works this way: first you define your class and its properties in a yaml file:

class: Person
    - name: firstName
      type: QString
    - name: lastName
      type: QString
    - name: birthDate
      type: QDateTime

Then you run qpropgen person.yaml. It produces two files: person.h and person.cpp.

This is person.h:

// This file has been generated with qpropgen, any changes made to it will be lost!
#ifndef PERSON_H
#define PERSON_H
#include <QObject>
class Person : public QObject {
    Q_PROPERTY(QString firstName READ firstName
            WRITE setFirstName
            NOTIFY firstNameChanged
    Q_PROPERTY(QString lastName READ lastName
            WRITE setLastName
            NOTIFY lastNameChanged
    Q_PROPERTY(QDateTime birthDate READ birthDate
            WRITE setBirthDate
            NOTIFY birthDateChanged
    explicit Person(QObject* parent = nullptr);
     QString firstName() const;
     void setFirstName(const QString& value);
     QString lastName() const;
     void setLastName(const QString& value);
     QDateTime birthDate() const;
     void setBirthDate(const QDateTime& value);
    void firstNameChanged(const QString& firstName);
    void lastNameChanged(const QString& lastName);
    void birthDateChanged(const QDateTime& birthDate);
    QString mFirstName;
    QString mLastName;
    QDateTime mBirthDate;
#endif // PERSON_H

And this is person.cpp:

// This file has been generated with qpropgen, any changes made to it will be lost!
#include <person.h>
Person::Person(QObject* parent)
    : QObject(parent) {
QString Person::firstName() const {
    return mFirstName;
void Person::setFirstName(const QString& value) {
    if (mFirstName == value) {
    mFirstName = value;
QString Person::lastName() const {
    return mLastName;
void Person::setLastName(const QString& value) {
    if (mLastName == value) {
    mLastName = value;
QDateTime Person::birthDate() const {
    return mBirthDate;
void Person::setBirthDate(const QDateTime& value) {
    if (mBirthDate == value) {
    mBirthDate = value;

qpropgen comes with a CMake file to include in your project. Contributions adding support for other build systems are greatly appreciated :)

There is more to it: you can define read-only properties, make setters and getters virtual and a few other tweaks. You can learn more about qpropgen from the README.

Let me know if you find this tool useful!

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