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Inktober 2019, cats!

written on Sunday, November 3, 2019

I participated again to Inktober, the yearly challenge where you draw and ink one drawing a day each day of October. The Inktober web site provides a "prompt list": a list of words for each day, which you can (but are not forced to) follow.

Inktober 2019 prompt list

I followed it as it helps me come up with drawing ideas, and I also picked "cats" as a recurring theme, so all my drawings are filled with kittens. This makes them very Internet friendly, since as we all know, the Internet was created to share cat pictures, right?

I went full color this year, since I now have a decent set of markers:


I am not sure I will do it this way next year though: making full colored drawings everyday takes a lot of time. I am proud that I did it this year, but I am also relieved October is over :)

Here are my drawings of this year:

  • Ring. One cat to rule them all.
  • Mindless. This is not going to end well...
  • Bait.
  • Freeze.
  • Build.
  • Husky. Nothing like wearing a Husky mask to scare your cat friends!
  • Enchanted. Sorcery is handy when you are hungry!
  • Frail.
  • Swing. Beware of Catzan, swinging from vine to vine!
  • Pattern. A distant cousin from Alice cat.
  • Snow.
  • It was not a good idea to defy the mighty dragon cat!
  • Ash. When the moon is full, kittens can resurrect from ashes.
  • Overgrown. Carnivorous plants have overgrown their sunhouse!
  • Legend. A reference to a famous cat...
  • Wild. Another reference, this time to a 80s cartoon.
  • Ornament.
  • Misfit. Poor Browny does not fit well with his siblings. He has no idea why.
  • Sling. Lazy cat prefers hunting with a slingshot, Bird is not too worried.
  • Tread. A tank from the orange cat army.
  • Treasure. Pirate cat discovered some hidden treasure.
  • Ghost. Pac-cat better hurries! Reference to a well known 80s arcade game.
  • Ancient.
  • Dizzy. This posh kitty really wanted an impressive selfie... Another reference.
  • Tasty. Yummy fish!
  • Dark.
  • Coat. When it's raining, some cats put on their raincoat!
  • Ride. It's not a well known fact, but cats enjoy riding the snow just as humans do!
  • Injured. A reference to a strange 80s French TV show for kids.
  • Catch. A brown mouse annoying a grey cat. Another reference to a 80s cartoon.
  • Ripe. Lazy cat prefers waiting for the apple to ripe and fall. Reference to a comic book cat.
  • All the drawings for this year!

Which one do you prefer?

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