Aurélien Gâteau

Nanonote 1.2.0

written on Sunday, May 12, 2019

Time for a new Nanonote release!


This new version comes with several changes from Daniel Laidig: you can now use Ctrl+mouse wheel to make the text bigger or smaller and Ctrl+0 to reset the font to its default size.

He also fixed the way links are displayed: they now use the theme color instead of being hard-coded to blue. If you use a dark theme, this should make Nanonote more usable for you.

Nanonote now speaks German, thanks to Vinzenz Vietzke.

I made a few minor changes on my side, the most visible being that @ is now allowed in URLs, which is handy for sites like Medium.

A more complete changelog as well as deb and rpm packages are available on the release page.

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