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Pixel Wheels 0.16.0

written on Sunday, April 19, 2020

I finally found the time and motivation to get a new version of Pixel Wheels out, so here comes 0.16.0.

Not many engine changes in this new version, mostly new content: first a new track: "Welcome". This track takes place in the countryside, so you'll race among fields and should spot an old tractor. As its name imply it's a simple track, designed to be the track new players begin with.

Welcome track

It is part of a new championship called "Country Life", which for now contains only this track, so it's very short... I plan to add a new track to it in the next version.

The other content addition is a new car: the Dark M.

Dark M

It's a bit longer than the others. Maybe I should shorten it a bit, what do you think?

Other changes include a "Restart" button in quick race mode, quite handy when practicing a race, and the ability to move the game to the SD card on Android.

That's it for this version, I must confess it's hard to find motivation to work on the game these days, I am in the "I want to be done with it, but to do so I must finish it" phase :) Hopefully I manage to motivate myself enough in the next weeks to continue working on it.

As usual, you can find the latest version on Pixel Wheels page. Let me know what you think of this new track and of the new car (that is, once you have unlocked it ;))!

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