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May 2021 status update

written on Wednesday, June 2, 2021

This month I spent my time on Git Bonsai and Pixel Wheels.

Git Bonsai

A user reported a bug with Git Bonsai: when working on a repository checkout with multiple work trees, Git Bonsai would crash (#5).

I fixed this and released version 0.2.1. This version fixes the crash and comes with reworked, more Rust-like error handling as I am still using the project to teach myself the Rust language.

Pixel Wheels

The rest of my time was spent on Pixel Wheels. Here are the player-visible changes:

  • Reworked the way broken records are reported to be less confusing: when the player breaks a record, the "record broken" indicators are now shown in the race score table, and a car drives from the bottom-right corner to congratulate them (#111)

  • Replaced the menu music with a new one called Light Speed, by Thomas Tripon.

  • Fixed gamepad support on Android (#117) and cleaned gamepad code a bit.

  • Fixed two crashes:

    • Crash when trying to skip the "Championship finished" animation (#118)
    • Crash when taking a screenshot on Windows (#120)

I also did some work on the internals:

  • Continued documenting gdxui and animscript. I'd like to record a video to show them in action later. I think the live-reload aspect of them (being able to adjust the UI and the animations while the game is running) would be interesting.

  • Updated to libgdx 1.9.11 and gdx-controllers 2.2.0. This was required to fix gamepad support on Android, and is good in general.


I got my first Patreon supporter! He wishes to remain anonymous, so I am not going to name him, but thanks a lot to him!

What to expect for June?

In June I plan to continue working on Pixel Wheels and release a new version. Contrary to what I wrote earlier, it's probably going to be a 0.20.0 because the list of what I want to include in 1.0.0 is not shrinking fast enough, so I think it's nicer to share intermediate releases with you.

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