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Inktober 2022, birds!

written on Saturday, November 5, 2022

This year I once again participated to Inktober, the yearly challenge where you draw one drawing a day each day of October. The Inktober web site provides a "prompt list": a list of words for each day, which you can (but are not forced to) follow.

Inktober 2022 prompt list Inktober 2022 prompt list

I like to have an overall theme each year. This year I selected birds because... I love birds :)

I also decided to use a ballpoint pen this time, because I enjoy drawing with ballpoint pens, and also because I find it faster to draw with them. This is useful because at the end of the month I am often quite tired!

Here are my drawings of this year.

  • 1 - Gargoyle. This bird gargoyle protects the church it's on.
  • 2 - Scurry. Dogs are one of the most feared Kiwi predators, this poor Kiwi is right to scurry!
  • 3 - Bat. Fake it till you make it!
  • 4 - Scallop. Gulls are smart creatures: they know how to break shells by dropping them on hard surfaces.
  • 5 - Flame. To match today's word and my bird theme I could have drawn a phoenix, but that was too obvious. Instead I give you: the Angry Flame Spitting Goose! Fear!
  • 6 - Bouquet. Putting together a bouquet is a lot of work for birds!
  • 7 - Trip. A group of swallows migrating.
  • 8 - Match. Have our hero bird found his significant other?
  • 9 - Nest. Kids are gone, you can finally enjoy your nest!
  • 10 - Crabby. When it comes to crabby, Donald Duck is a specialist. Unfortunately he looks more evil or mad than crabby here 🤷🏻
  • 11 - Eagle. An eagle diving on its prey.
  • 12 - Forget. This small bird has left our smartphones, but we shall never forget it! I was actually not that much into Flappy Bird, but I had a hard time finding a better idea :)
  • 13 - Kind. These two little birds were too tired to fly, so mister pelican kindly offered to take them for a ride.
  • 14 - Empty. Younglings have left the nest, it's now empty.
  • 15 - Armadillo. This sleeping armadillo protects two young birds. Are they the same birds who travelled in the pelican beak two days ago?
  • 16 - Fowl. A famous chicken! Hope you recognize him...
  • 17 - Salty. Careful, little birds! Those salty potato chips aren't good for you!
  • 18 - Scrape. A bird sculpture, made of scrap materials.
  • 19 - Ponytail. Two birds tying a ponytail. Some Cinderella vibes on this one!
  • 20 - Bluff. This bird needs to work on his poker face if he wants to achieve a good bluff.
  • 21 - Bad dog. A bad dog has burst inside the barn, barking around and chasing the chickens/gooses (not sure what they are!) out.
  • 22 - Heist. We found the culprit of the latest robbery! Embarrassingly, her wing is drawn backward...
  • 23 - Booger. "If you do not listen to your parents, the Booger Bird will come to punish you!"
  • 24 - Fairy. A forest fairy, feeding a bird.
  • 25 - Tempting. This corn is tempting, but it's a trap!
  • 26 - Ego. Even if I enjoy rap music, I have to agree many rappers have planet-sized ego. And Snoop Birdy Bird is one of them!
  • 27 - Snack. Nothing like having popcorn while watching TV with your pal!
  • 28 - Camping. Tired bird sleeping in her sleeping bag next to a campfire during a long migration!
  • 29 - Uh-Oh. Looks like this little bird did not pick the safest path...
  • 30 - Gear. The landing gear of a T-71 Spybird. (There are two references in the model name, did you get them all?)
  • 31 - Farm. Here is the boss of the farm!

Which one do you prefer?

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