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July-August 2023 monthly update

written on Friday, September 8, 2023


Monthly updates are not dead! They just took some summer vacations 😅. Let's see what happened during these two months.

Pixel Wheels

I finally released Pixel Wheels 0.25.0. It's been a long time coming, but now it's there. Here is the release announcement.

This release was made a bit harder by Google Play getting in the way, see this frustrated Mastodon thread for more details :)


SFXR-Qt received a bit of build-system and dependency love. I merged a PR from Mailaender to add an option to use the system provided Catch2 library instead of the bundled one. This prompted me to update the bundled Catch2 to version 3.4.0.

Burger Party

Shortly after the release of Burger Party 1.4.2, I received two new translations: Basque by Josu Igoa (who also translates Pixel Wheels!) and Spanish by YottaMxt. Probably going to make a new release in September to make these translations available.

Keep these translations coming! I am still amazed how publishing the game on F-Droid injected some new life in it!

Clyde store

The Clyde store received two new packages:

I also improved the CI a bit further: adding pre-commit and making it even easier to trigger updates.


Nanonote now speaks Polish, thanks to Marek Szumny. With Danish and Dutch, that makes 3 new translations since the last release. Another app to release in September...


Colorpick is a color picker I built a long time ago, whose distinctive features are the ability to check the contrast between a background and a foreground color as well as an arrow-keys-operated magnifying glass to pick the exact pixel you want to pick. I haven't been active on this app for years. Recently redtide started contributing to it. They wanted to do many changes, and I was not that motivated to work on this app, so I offered to transfer it to them, which they accepted, so Colorpick is now part of the qtilities organization!

What's next?

As mentioned in this report, I have some releases to do: a new Burger Party and a new Nanonote. Beside these, I have some work planned on Pixel Wheels. I need to add a 3rd track to Pix Cities championship, but that would increase the number of tracks to 9, which would not fit on the individual track selection screen anymore. This means I am going to work on this track selection screen first. I plan to change it so that one picks the championship first, and then the tracks inside it. This should fit the screen.