Aurélien Gâteau

September 2023 monthly update

written on Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Welcome to this September 2023 update! I had Burger Party and Nanonote releases planned for this month, but that did not happen. I did however release version 0.25.1 of Pixel Wheels.

Pixel Wheels

0.25.0 had a bug where it would complain about a missing controller when started on Android (#398). I released 0.25.1 to fix that. The release also includes updated translations and a fix for the score table not always fitting in the screen (#397).

Beside this release, has announced in my previous monthly update, I reworked the track selector to fit another track, so that I can add a 3rd track to the "Pixel Cities" championship. It looks like this now:

New track selector

The first row shows all championships. The second row shows the tracks within the selected championship.

I also worked on user-interface navigation: I removed the feature where moving the mouse cursor over a menu item gave it focus. I never really liked that feature and it was getting in the way for the design of the new track selector.

Finally, I improved keyboard navigation: it is now possible to move the focus all the way down to the back and forward buttons using the up and down keyboard keys.


Only one small fix on Clyde this month. I recently added a .pre-commit.yaml file to the clyde-store repository and it turns out it broke clyde search because the command tried to load the .pre-commit.yaml file as a package… embarrassing. I fixed that.

What's next

That's all for this month, not as much work as planned, but progress nevertheless. Next month I shall finally do the Burger Party and Nanonote releases. I scheduled a day-off from work to make sure the releases really happen this time!

On Pixel Wheels, I am going to start work on the new track. I am looking forward to it, as this is one of the major blockers I defined before releasing Pixel Wheels 1.0.0!