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January 2024 update, Pixel Wheels new track

written on Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Following my 2023 wrap up, here is the first status update where I focus on a single topic for the month, with the hope of making the update a more enjoyable read.

This month I finished Pixel Wheels new track: "The island".

The track starts with a tight right turn around a tower.

Hairpin turn at the start

Then you drive in front of an old fortified entrance:

In front of the old fortified entrance

Turn around another tower, hit the turbo tiles to take advantage of the straight line:

Turning around the south-east tower Speeding on the south straight line

Next is a wide turn, before reaching the tricky part... Wide turn in the south-west corner Approaching the tricky part

The boardwalk over water section!

Start of the wood-over-water section

You might want to go fast, like this Miramar...

Miramar is ahead of me

But do not overdo it!

Miramar drove too fast and ended up in the sea

As I said, do not go too fast, unless you want to say hello to the rescue helicopter.

Same happened to me, luckily the rescue helicopter is here

After this part you head to the center of the town.

Driving south to the center of the town Multiple paths are available here

Careful with the trees: it's easy to get stuck between them!

Targeting an Ant-On-1 with the missile

Now you can take the shortcut to the end of the track.

Didn't have to fire, it hit a tree