Aurélien Gâteau

Colibri Setup Guide

This guide will help you configure your KDE machine to use Colibri instead of the default Plasma notifications.


Start System Settings and open "Application and System Notifications".

System Settings

Go to "Colibri Notifications", notice the warning message. You must disable Plasma notifications.

Colibri configuration module, Plasma notification system

Disabling Plasma notifications

Right-click on the (i) icon in the system tray.

The (i) icon context menu

Uncheck "Application notifications" and click OK.

Disabling Plasma notifications

Enabling Colibri notifications

Go back to the System Settings window, the warning message should now look like this.

Colibri configuration module, no notification system

Click the "Start Colibri" button, Colibri should now be running. You can verify it with the "Preview" button.

Colibri configuration module, Colibri is running

Your machine is ready to use Colibri. Unless you unchecked "Start Colibri at login", it should continue to use Colibri next time you login.