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KidMP is a kid-friendly media player.

KidMP is a media player primarily designed for kids. This application can be used while travelling to replace a portable DVD player.

It has been designed to work well on a laptop in an environment where using the touchpad is difficult (think of a 5 year-old holding the laptop on his laps in the car). As such it is primarily keyboard-based.

Features which make KidMP a kid-friendly player:

  • Large, customizable thumbnails
  • No need to be able to read
  • Fully usable with only 3 keys: left arrow, right arrow and space (or return)
  • Automatically resume playing at last position
  • Start in fullscreen by default, difficult to quit by accident

More Information

Get It!

Latest release is kidmp-0.4.0.tar.bz2.

Alternatively, you can clone the Git repository: git:// or browse it.

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