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Pixel Wheels

Pixel Wheels is a top-down racing game for PC (Linux, macOS, Windows) and Android.

Race for the first place on various tracks. Pick up bonuses to boost your position or slow down competitors!


  • Title screen
  • Select your vehicle
  • Select track
  • GO!
  • Firing a missile
  • Trying to catch up with the police car
  • Shooting the rocket car with the gun
  • The rescue copter will bring you back if you dive too deep
  • The touch controls, on Android
  • Alternative touch controls
  • Police car won the championship!

Get it

The game is not yet finished, but you can already play it.

Pixel Wheels for PC (Linux, macOS, Windows)

Download from

Pixel Wheels for Android

F-Droid Google Play

Getting the game through F-Droid or Google Play is recommended to ensure you receive updates when new versions are released.

Note: it may take a few days for the latest version to appear on F-Droid.

Source Code

Pixel Wheels source code is available on GitHub.

Bug Reports

Found a bug? Report it on Pixel Wheels bug tracker.

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