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Pixel Wheels

Pixel Wheels is a top-down racing game for PC (Linux, Mac, Windows) and Android.

Race for the first place on various tracks. Pick up bonuses to boost your position or slow down competitors!


  • Title screen
  • Select your vehicle
  • Select map
  • GO!
  • Firing a missile
  • Trying to catch up with the roadster
  • A bot is getting gunned down by another one
  • Being heli-dropped on  the track after a dive
  • If you come too close, I am going to drop a mine on your way...
  • That may not be the best way...
  • This is going to hurt
  • Turbooo!!!
  • The touch controls, on Android
  • Split screen mode

Get it

The game is far from finished, but you can already play with it.

Pixel Wheels for PC (Linux, Mac, Windows)

(Requires a Java runtime)

Pixel Wheels for Android

You can install Pixel Wheels from Google Play

If you do not have access to Google Play, get the APK: pixelwheels-0.11.0.apk

Source Code

Pixel Wheels source code is available on GitHub.

Bug Reports

Found a bug? Report it on Pixel Wheels bug tracker.

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