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written on Saturday, August 12, 2017

A few years ago I started Green Yeti Lab, I envisioned it would become a game and app studio, able to produce at least part of my income while I was doing consulting. Since this was not necessarily free-software related I decided to create a separate site for it. It did not work out as expected: my first game did not generate any significant revenue, and I was starting to feel miserable with my current consulting client. I met Genymobile during a conference, and managed to land a job as a Qt developer there, ending my independent developer plus consultant attempt.

In my free time, I continued working on my next game: Tiny Wheels and updating Green Yeti Lab site, but it eventually stalled. Tiny Wheels did not receive any update for 2 years, as I switched to work on Yokadi. That was getting me frustrated, so this summer I started to work on the game again.

I also decided having one site for mobile development and another for all the rest does not make much sense. I'd rather have a single place where I can write, whether it's about game or app development, drawing or whatever I feel like ranting about. Therefore I am merging into

The project pages for Burger Party and Tiny Wheels have been imported, as well as all the blog posts. Most of them only have historical value, but a few might be of interest for you:

Now that this is done, I can go back to work on Tiny Wheels!

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