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Pixel Wheels 0.20.0

written on Monday, June 28, 2021

So 0.19.0 was supposed to be the last version before 1.0.0, then it was 0.19.1, but here comes 0.20.0! You might be wondering what's wrong with me...

What happened is I started piling in bug fixes and small improvements, and I felt it would be better to release them sooner instead of keeping them and release all fixes at once in this 1.0.0 version I announced. So... here is version 0.20.0.

Notable changes

Revamped Antonin (now called Ant On-1) car

The car now looks like a surf minibus:

Ant On-1

A new menu music

The menu music is now Lightspeed, by Thomas Tripon.

Refreshed "new personal record" screen

I reworked the way the game tells the player when they broke a personal record. In the race time table screen, a car drives in congratulating the player, then record indicators arrive next to the matching time in the time table.

New personal record

Notable fixes

  • Do not record scores when developer settings affecting gameplay are changed (#35).
  • Fixed gamepad support on Android (#117).
  • Fixed crash when saving screenshot on Windows (#120).
  • Fixed crash when trying to skip the "championship finished" animation (#118).

More changes

The complete list of changes is available in the changelog.

Get it!

As usual, you can get the game for Linux, macOS, Windows or Android from Pixel Wheels page.

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