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Pixel Wheels 0.24.0

written on Saturday, November 26, 2022

Pixel Wheels 0.24.0 is out! Just like 0.23.0, this version adds a new track and a new vehicle.

New track

This time, it's the "Square Mountains" championship which got a new track: "Up, up, up and down!". It's the first track where the trees are not behind barriers, so you can theoretically drive through them, but I am pretty sure it would not be a winning move because the chances of hitting a tree is too high. Having said so, there are two shortcuts to let you cut corners. They are quite tight though, so be careful!

Screenshot of the "Up, up, up and down!" track

New vehicle

The new vehicle in 0.24.0 is a monster, let me introduce you to... The "Broster Truck"!

The Broster Truck

The name is a reference to the Broforce game, I think some of the game characters would enjoy driving a Broster Truck!

Speaking of vehicles, they now have their own page. On this page you can see all of them and learn more about some trivia and references.

Other changes

Beside the new track and vehicle, this version includes other changes, most notably:

  • A Swedish translation, thanks to Sanchez.
  • An improved driving behavior.
  • Improvements to the way vehicles are drawn: vehicle shadows now include shadow for the tires, and when a vehicle goes underwater, its wheels are still drawn.
  • The ability to pause the game using the 2nd gamepad button.

For a more complete list of changes, have a look at the release notes.

Get it!

Head over to for 0.24.0 binaries. Version 0.24.0 should also soon be available on Flathub, F-Droid and Google Play!

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