Aurélien Gâteau


Plouf! is an Amiga game I wrote a long time ago.

It is a top-down game where players sit on floats, trying to sink the other players by throwing sea urchins at them. "Plouf!" is the French onomatopoeia for the sound made by an object when it falls into a liquid.

You control your float like an RC car: you can accelerate, slow down and rotate left or right. The islands on the screen are randomly generated, so each game looks different.

You can learn more about the game (and look at screenshots) from the article I wrote about it.


I didn't want to loose the result of this work because it is a precious memory for me so I spent a bit of time on it: I transferred it from its floppy disks, translated the user interface to English, and finally uploaded the source and an Amiga disk image. But now, I consider this project to be done.

I enjoy playing this little game and I hope others will enjoy it as well but I do not plan to work on it anymore, unless someone convinces me to do so.


Plouf! used to be a shareware but is now licensed under GPL v3 or later.

Getting it

Download plouf-1.1.adf to play Plouf! on your Amiga or with an emulator like FS-UAE.

You can also clone the source code from GitHub: Plouf! has been written using AMOS, a game-friendly Basic.